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YLN and other organizations condemn the ban on Twitter and solicit the Federal Government’s review and reversal of its decision. View full document.

Welcome to Young Leaders Network

We are transforming Africa by building her Youths

We exist to create an inclusive society where all young people are educated, empowered and engaged for sustainable development in Africa. We do this by building and strengthening hubs of vibrant and skilled young people through social inclusion, policy advancement and community engagement.


YLN in brief

YLN began in 2010 in as the arm of the “Emerge Project” of YMCA Bauchi to sustain improved behavioral changes of the beneficiaries of the Young Leaders Development Program. We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Initiative for Leadership Development and Youth Empowerment (iLEAD360). Since inception, our interventions have addressed key societal problems relating to children, youth and women by expanding their human resource base and empowering them to steer positive changes in their communities. We have accrued 10 years of field work in strengthening grassroots communities with leadership and social auditing skills needed to empower them to shape government policies and demand for accountability from the Government.

Core Values

By these we stand…

Ensuring social inclusion and respect for human dignity. We honor the integral value of every individual and perspective where everyone can contribute and is carried along.

We believe in excellence in everything we do, mediocrity is not an option.

We are diverse in background and thinking, yet united by our cooperate vision. Our team members work closely together, recognize that our diversity is a rich resource to be harnessed for corporate good.

We are deliberate about the fusion of our strengths to produce together far more than any could ever produce alone. Much of our results are accrued to this.

Improvement and expansion in all ramifications is what YLN hold to.  We can truly add value the most when we are valuable ourselves.

We are constantly seeking out better ways of doing more with less. Innovation is at the forefront of our approach to addressing key societal issues.


We could do more together

Women and youths empowered


Community development activities

Students trained and equipped


Leadership, democracy & human rights

Strides on Citizens' Accountability

Thematic Areas

Our areas of focus and impact



We train and engage community groups on political participation and democratic dividends.

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We establish Non Formal Learning Centers for out-of-school children between the ages of 6 and 12.

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Leadership Development

We raise and equip transformational leaders in Africa for global impact.

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Economic Empowerment

We provide skill acquisition training to help empower vulnerable youths and women.

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Climate Action

We create community awareness on climate change and how to avert its impact on society.

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Let's rebuild Africa together

Active Causes

Ongoing engagements at YLN that you can be part of. Our causes are carefully selected and designed to optimize impact in areas of greatest communal need.


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